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Gift of Stress


Examples of Sessions Topics

Creating an Environment of Growth and Collaboration

  • Enhancing individual creativity and collective creativity flow, group genius
  • Finding and pursuing ideas, opportunities and innovations
  • Exploring supportive solutions and positive approaches
  • Being present in the moment and thinking on your feet
  • Developing trust and making partners (audiences, clients, peers) look good

Don’t Just Take Charge, Lead

  • Identifying existing wants
  • Aligning visions of the group
  • Inspiring and engaging so that people want to follow
  • Giving opportunities for everyone to shine
  • Creating Supporting innovation, rewarding risk, celebrating failure

Getting on the Same Page as a Team

  • Building familiarity and common ground
  • Noticing and using the tenets of collaborative communication
  • Increasing listening, openness, and empathy
  • Dealing with expectations, fear, risk-taking, mistakes, consequences
  • Balancing ambition with clarity by setting goals while getting clarity

Speaking and Presenting with Greater Comfort and Impact

  • Developing connection through stories (being genuine)
  • Moving the conversation forward at the listener's pace (connecting to the audience)
  • Creating character and imagery (role play)
  • Adding influence/persuasion or for clarity/explanation (experimenting with status)
  • Dealing with uncertainty prepare for spontaneity (taking questions)
  • Integrating verbal and non-verbal cues (body awareness, room setup)
  • Preparing for Carnegie Hall practice, practice, practice

Intro to Stress Release
Participants learn and utilize the five main factors that determine the intensity of stress for immediately workable solutions to their (and their clients’) stress:

  • The gap between how things are and how you want them to be
  • Attachment to getting what you want
  • Gratitude for what you have
  • The uniqueness or familiarity of the situation
  • Mood

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