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There are no public events currently scheduled. Sign up for my newsletter to receive a notification for the next one, or contact me directly to arrange a private workshop.

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Available Workshops

Young Adult Topics

Wellness Topics

Expression Topics

Young Adult Topics

Academic, Career, and Social Excellence

Students have been going through a structured process for their entire lives. Upon graduation that culture comes to an abrupt end.

Most struggle, the lucky get by, the prepared thrive.

Presented with a fun, straightforward delivery on a topic that strikes at their hearts, students will sit at the edge of their seats before rising to their feet with enthusiasm.

Career Planning 101

The most qualified candidate isn't the one who gets the job offer, it's the person who presents themselves best. Years of hard work and preparation culmiate at this critical juncture - it is not to treated lightly!

A seminar series to guide students and recent graduates through:

  • Career selection,
  • Company and opening research
  • Detailed resume construction & development
  • Cover letter structure
  • Interview preparation and delivery

    Wellness Topics

    The Seven R's of Stress Release:
    A step by step process to eliminate ANY stress

    Discover insights and workable solutions to the most overwhelming situations. Feel more relaxed, positive, confident, communicative, and joyful.


    Participants will:

    • Find that fewer things bother you;
    • Have better defined priorities, values, and goals;
    • Learn how to react in difficult situations with poise;
    • See setbacks as surmountable challenges;
    • Gain a more positive outlook on life;
    • Feel a greater sense of self;
    • Reduce fear and its detrimental effects;
    • Communicate more openly with family, friends, colleagues, and significant others.

    We will discuss a specific issue that is having a detrimental effect on your lives. The seemingly overwhelming situation is broken down into the core values and priorities at play using the Seven R's of Stress Release, experiential exercises, group discussion, and detailed worksheets. Once these are surfaced we'll discover insights and workable solutions that result in a significant, lasting reduction in the level and impact of stress in your life.

    Work/Life Harmony

    Stability in the home, translates into stability in the workplace and vice versa. You will have a clearer vision of where their trouble spots are and set steps to take action.

    Includes: Brief stress assessment, next-step planning

    Expression Topics

    Communication Skills

    Saying what needs to be said, and hearing what is actually said are the foundation to generation, exchange, and execution of projects in the home and workplace.

    The benefits of better communication:

    • Convey your ideas and intentions more effectively
    • Identify communication gaps that cause conflict
    • Recover from "foot-in-mouth" gracefully
    • Understand the unmet needs behind complaints
    • Conserve valuable time and energy
    • Reduce stress and maintain balance

    Includes: Listening and awareness skill-builders, non-verbal activities

    Team Building

    While group members must each be individually capable of tasks, they must also excel as a cohesive unit if the best results are to be achieved.

    Includes: Energizing warm-ups, trust exercises, problem solving and collaboration activities


    Our lives are a composed of a large mix of relationships. Since we are constantly in relationship with other people - both directly and indirectly - a greater understanding of the underlying dynamics at play provides a platform to deepen connections, enhance trust, take cooperation to a new level, an explore ways to say things that are hard to say.


    At the root of the most successful and exciting relationships are: open communication, playfulness, honesty, boldness, sharing, contribution, agreement, and acceptance.

    These are also the core elements of improv comedy. Experiencing relationship dynamics through improv is one of the easiest, most effective ways to hone these skills.

    How it's taught

    This workshop is not about being fast and funny. Instead, you will be walked through some of the tools and theory of great improv, as well as play some games (like those on the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?).

    Creativity Growth

    Innovation thrives in the right environment - one that promotes spontaneity, emphasizes openness and builds trust.

    Includes: Improvisation-based exercises, sensory awareness and utilization techniques

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