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About Zohar

Where's your bio?

On the Bio page!

How did you get to be a Stress Specialist?

I started coaching people informally, and while those I helped received value from my services, I wanted to provide more for them. As a result, I researched professional training programs and I became a Certified Empowerment Coach through iPEC, one of the most rigorous programs approved by the International Coach Federation. The instruction focused and honed my natural talents to the point my fellow students became clients before we even completed the certification.

A lot of people speak of having one big experience which changed their life, but for me becoming a Stress Specialist is the result of countless small steps over the course of my lifetime. However, the first time I felt like an expert was when I spilled a gallon of paint on my cousin's new hardwood floor and decided that I wasn't going to get upset or feel stress from the situation. I took a few slow breaths, turned on the radio, and started singing along to the music as I cleaned up the mess (for the next two hours).

Do you ever get stressed out?

Of course I occasionally feel stress (even the Dalai Lama gets worked up every once in a while). When I'm aware of the stress I use the Seven R's of Stress Release to learn new things about myself, and then let it go. I've gotten very good at letting things go.

Did anyone ever tell you not to think of a pink elephant, and then you couldn't stop thinking about pink elephants? I stop right away by focusing on what's going on in the moment rather than letting it race in loops.

What do you use for inspiration?

Whenever I'm uncertain on a path I ask myself which option will more fully engage my spirit.

I also have Marianne Williamson's poem Our Deepest Fear facing me at my desk with the line "Your playing small doesn't serve the world" highlighted.

How are your services different from other stress treatments?

My approach is to help identify and permanently release recurring stresses, as well as to lower tolerance of stress, by taking clients through my Seven R's of Stress Release program. The result is a lasting, significant reduction in the level and impact of stress.

Most massage therapists, acupuncturists, spas and other treatments provide short-term alleviation of stress. These techniques can ease the strain of stress, but they work best in conjunction with a process that also lowers the amount of stress you accept into your life so that it doesn't return to prior levels.

Some Stress Management Experts only help people "manage" stress, often helping clients cope with their stress levels or even enabling them to take on more. This approach is antithetical to my belief in how to address stress.

Also, I approach this process with a touch of humor which helps my clients appreciate how much fun they can have releasing stress.

Who do you work best with and what is expected of them?

My stress release program is ideally suited for people of any age who feel life should be enriching, fun and rewarding. They recognize that stress is negatively impacting them and are ready to take consistent action to reduce its presence in their lives. Ideal clients are willing to employ creative solutions to problems as well as explore and develop their lives into more enjoyable ones.

My clients and I have a tendency to laugh at life a lot. We turn "big deals" into "tiny stuff" and have a great time as burden after burden is lifted.

Seven R's of Stress Release

How did you develop the Seven R's of Stress Release?

Over the years, I recognized that the clients who achieved the greatest results had gone through a common process. Developing the Seven R's of Stress Release was simply a matter of identifying the steps and their most effective order.

Does this process really work?

Yes! The result of our work is a pattern shift that, over time and with your dedication, works consistently to release your stresses and create a more enjoyable life.

PLUS! I offer a money-back guarantee. New clients may choose to cancel their program within the first 30 days for a full refund.

Why do you offer a money-back guarantee?

I believe that investing in yourself shouldn't feel like a gamble. I'm confident that my services will be beneficial, and I want potential clients to be sure that the only thing they have to lose is their existing stress.

Have you ever been asked to return someone's money?


Results of Coaching

What results can I expect?

Once you have completed the program, you can expect to:

  • Have well-defined goals and values;
  • Identify next steps and potential obstacles;
  • Break out of their routines;
  • Feel relaxed and peaceful;
  • Learn how to react in difficult situations with poise;
  • Reduce fear and its detrimental effects;
  • Communicate more openly with family, friends, colleagues, and significant others.

How quickly can I expect results?

You will start seeing and feeling results immediately. More significant results are perceived after one month. The longer you apply the process, the greater its effects.

How can I guarantee myself that I will release a maximum amount of stress?

Do all of your assignments and fieldwork. Be on time for your coaching calls. Develop a "stress release mind set." Please understand that my 7-step process is not a "quick fix," nor is it magic. All my clients who have diligently applied every step of the process have successfully reduced their stress in much less time than they would have on their own and enjoyed the experience more than they would have using their own methods.

I am going through a lifestyle change right now. Should I wait until that ends to work with you?

What better time to set and stick to your priorities than when your life is shifting? Nothing is determined yet and you can define your lifestyle as you see fit rather than waiting for things to settle and then stirring the waters again. I highly recommend that people "in transition" start my program as soon as possible. The added activity of focusing on themselves at this point reaps huge benefits.

Why should I invest in this coaching program?

I want you to ask yourself, "What is a year with minimal stress worth to me? How about a lifetime?" Chances are, that amount will more than cover this investment in yourself. Most likely, you will feel that the information and skills you learn and absorb with my stress release system will be the bargain of a lifetime.

You're investing in results, less stress, more time for yourself, more enjoyment - not simply a number of minutes on the phone with me.

Working Together

How will we work together and what does the program entail?

Sessions take place over the phone. You will also receive total support from me via one-on-one personal email, a suggested reading list or aromatherapy technique based on the aspect(s) of your life you choose to work on, and other resources/contacts I have at my fingertips. During our one-on-one calls we will review your progress since the prior session, explore any new information, set up a plan to move you forward, and keep you on-track and accountable so that you reduce your stress level while attaining your personal goals faster than you would on your own.

Ready to Stop Stressing Out?

Are our calls confidential?

Yes. Our calls are as confidential as allowed by law. That means that as long as I'm not subpoenaed, or you don't tell me you're going to commit a crime or harm someone, your secrets are safe with me.

How long is the program?

First timers through the program need at least four months for sustainable results. Based on my experience of working with clients, it takes that long for all of the awareness, strategizing, and new approaches to be designed and integrated into a client's lifestyle.

In the past, I found that clients who stayed for shorter periods of time were certainly getting results right away, BUT weren't as likely to stick with the process long enough to feel its full rewards. Their improved lifestyle and state of mind never had a chance to get fully primed and engaged consistently. Wanting only the best for them, first timers are now only offered a 4-month program.

Four months? I only have a little bit of stress. Don't you have a one month program?

Experience has shown me that the little annoyance that you want to talk with me about is just the tip of the iceberg. Take a moment to think about what's causing your stress, and then why that cause keeps occurring in your life. If you have just "solved" your stress issue, congratulations! If you now see that your situation is more complicated than it originally appeared, you know why I only start with 4-month programs.

Do clients ever repeat the process with you?

Yes, clients find that stress releasing activities often need recurring emphasis. Also, as life changes, new stresses have a tendency to creep in. After completion of an initial 4-month program, clients can sign up for a 1-month tune-up or one of the 4-month programs at a 15% discount (with a regular half-hour session replacing the introductory one-hour call).

What are your programs like?

Resumes: By the end of our work together you will walk away ecstactic about your resume's ability to convey your finest skills and attract interviews. Depending on where you are in the process and how long you've been in the workforce we'll likely work together 2 or 3 times.

Coaching: Most people choose to be coached on Career Transitions & Development, Relationship building, Personal Projects, or Business Building. For any substantial progress to be occur we'll need to collaborate for at least a 4-months.

Prices vary depending on depth/length of the project, how we meet (in-person/phone/video), and other potential support functions.

I offer a money-back guarantee. You may choose to cancel your program after the first coaching session for a full refund. (no one has ever asked for their money back)

Signing Up

I know which program I want. How do we get started?

Great! Here's what you do: Give me a call at 212-673-1942 or email me and let me know what you'd like to change or achieve. We'll set up a time to confirm and clarify your objectives, and afterwards you'll receive a welcome packet via email. In it, you'll find a client information sheet, our coaching agreement, and some questions to make sure we hit the ground running. You'll send these to me at least two days prior to your first full session where I will customize tools, strategies, and assignments for you to get the results you want - with less stress and more fun!

If I'm not sure I'm ready to get started, how can I sample your work at little or no cost to see if it's the right solution for me?

Great ways to sample my work and the Seven R's of Stress Release:

Although I want less stress badly, I don't have much time to spare. How much time do I need?

If you can spare even one hour a week, you will be able to start the process. This approach will take longer than if you throw yourself into it wholeheartedly; however, if you don't start, you will never get there.

Are there any services you do not provide?

I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist. I do not diagnose or treat mental illness, and based on my training, should I feel that your condition is beyond what my service is meant to help with, I will offer a referral to a qualified associate.

How do you accept payment?

Payments can be made through Google's Checkout, PayPal, or check. All funds must clear before coaching begins.

I like what I'm hearing, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you?

Absolutely! I can be reached at 212-673-1942.

Do you have a contract?

I have a Coaching Agreement - it helps my clients have a clear understanding of what they can expect from coaching as well as my policies and procedures.


Where are the pictures on the top of the webpages from?

I've traveled a lot and thought some personal photos would give people an enhanced sense of who I am. These are from Patagonia, Hawaii, the West Coast, Spain, and Croatia.

Is there anything else you would like your clients to know about you?

In addition to my formal coach training I have also studied and performed improv comedy for over 7 years. Coaching and improv have honed my ability to listen attentively, be present, and provide a safe, creative and fun space for personal exploration - all of which lead to more successful coaching sessions. Also, I can juggle and have starred as a voiceover artist in radio commercials, educational documentaries, and other media.

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