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Gift of Stress



Each case illustrates an actual application of the Seven R's of Stress Release.

When bad shopping gets worse: a customer service story

It's frustrating enough when something goes wrong with a
purchase, but the interactions with the customer service
department can make an already tense situation worse.

Wanting to lose weight, but being unable to start

Often our problem isn't how to do something, but rather
the excuses that keep us from getting off our butts
(sometimes literally). As the excuses mount we get more
frustrated with the situation and with ourselves. The
hard part is recognizing when we are in such a state.

Understanding disappointment

Each of us maintains beliefs that we aren't aware of. These
beliefs, however, play a large role in the way we function.
Many adults, it turns out, still believe in Santa Claus (or
at least the magic and generosity he's supposed to represent).
When the illusion is lifted and they find out the truth
people frequently feel disappointment and stress - worst of
all, they often don't know why.

Focusing on the actual situation, not just a potentially stressful one

Sometimes our imagination creates scenarios that take over
our thoughts. We can then become trapped in a downward spiral
of negative possibilities.

People pushing our buttons

We all have them, but what happens when they get pushed is ours to decide.

Unfamiliarity with ourselves

Handling an unpleasant situation

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